General Terms & Conditions

Included in the price:

VAT and taxes included.
Period of 2 hours of grace from the time of collection.
Unlimited kilometers.
2 helmets per custom scooter.
Helmet trunk in all our fleet.
Road assistance 24 hours.
Basic liability insurance, (third parties)

The amount of the deposit will depend on the group of the vehicle, whose amounts are described below. In the event that the insurance is contracted, any risk should not leave a deposit. Amounts depending on the vehicle group:
  • A, 250€

  • B, 350€

  • C, 300€
  • D, 250€                                                                                                       
  • E, 400€                                                                                                       
  • V, 350€
The amount of the deposit will be charged from the customer′s credit card when the vehicle is collected. If the customer returns the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was collected, the deposit will be returned. In case of having caused damages not covered by the insurance, they will be charged from said deposit.

In case of accident or damage to the motorcycle, it is mandatory that the customer fill in an accident / damage part and deliver it to our office. Also, in case of theft of the motorcycle, the customer is obliged to report it to the Police and deliver the report in our office.
Any accident or damage with the motorcycle that is not notified will be interpreted as negligence on the part of the client and this may incur additional expenses.

Not included in the price and considered extras:
The additional insurance all risk:
The insurance all risk will be possible to hire it in all the categories in those contracts that exceed the 3 days of rent.

Additional drivers:
without cost, presenting the required documentation
Insurance "Young driver" for drivers between 18 - 21 years of age:
Applicable only in category A (49cc).

They are not covered by insurance:
and therefore the following cases of loss or damage will be charged to the customer:
Loss or damage in keys
Breakage or theft of mirrors, helmets or trunk.
Hit at low
Crane service (Only when the customer incurs a negligence not covered by the insurance.)
Puncture or breakage of the tire.

Credit cards:
VISA, MasterCard, and MAESTRO cards are accepted. Both the deposit and its elimination must be paid with credit cards. In the event that the client chooses the ALL RISK option, payment by debit card is allowed.

24 hours, 365 days a year.

Fuel policy:
The motorcycle will be delivered in all cases with the full tank and must return in the same way.
In the case that it is returned with the deposit empty or partially the client must pay € 15.
The fare may change without prior notice, depending on the increases and / or decreases in fuel prices.

Traffic fines:
Menorca top sport sl. will charge an administrative fee of 25 Euros (VAT included) to the client when we receive a traffic ticket. Menorca top sport sl. is obliged by law to provide the authorities with the data of customers who receive a traffic ticket during the rental period.
This fee does not include the payment of the traffic ticket; the client will have to make the cash payment directly with the authorities.

Leaving the vehicle:
Customers who leave the vehicles in another place than the one agreed in the rental contract will be responsible for the costs generated by the breach of the contract. In addition, apart from the daily rental rate, a daily charge of 30.25 Euros (VAT included) will be applied to the penalty.

Vehicles can not be taken abroad or between islands.
Customers will have to provide us with a local address (apartment, apartment, villa, hotel, etc.)
The minimum age of the driver in category B and C (125cc) of 21 years, except in category A (49cc) which will be 18 years.
Drivers over 70 years old will have the same conditions as young drivers aged 21-25 years.
In case the category of reserved vehicle is not available at the time of collection, you will be provided one of higher category at no additional cost.
The insurance does not cover, in any case, accidents and damages caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, drugs or any other substance that reduces the capacity of the driver, as well as when the driver is not authorized to drive the leased vehicle or even if it is, the loss occurs in breach of the provisions of the contract or elementary rules of circulation.
The transport of goods or animals can only be with the express consent of Menorca top sport sl. The non-observance of this Regulation can be a special cleaning, it provides the customer with up to € 95.

Extreme cleaning:
The rental price includes a standard cleaning of the vehicle, however, in case the vehicle is returned in a state of extreme dirt, Menorca top sport sl. You will be required to charge € 50 for special cleaning.

Booking cancellation:
Cancellations without penalty must be made at least 96 hours before the start of the lease, which will be understood at 08:00 on the first day. Otherwise, the following will apply: - Between 96 h and 72 h, 25% of the total agreed price will be paid. - Between 72 h and 48 h, 50% of the total agreed price will be paid. - Between 48 h and 24 h, 75% of the total agreed price will be paid. - Less than 24 hours will be paid 100% of the total price agreed.

Late return of the vehicle:
If the vehicle is returned later than the date agreed in the rental agreement, the insurance will be invalidated and the customer will be responsible for the payment of € 25 per day (VAT included). In addition to this payment, the customer will also be responsible for the payment of the daily rental rate.